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Honored Award Winners

Award Recipients

The Alumni Association and Dean Community honor selected individuals through nomination for the following awards, including the Hall of Fame.

Outstanding Alumnus/a

Awarded for significant public achievement in business, athletics, science, military service, government, education or the arts. 

Anthony Accavallo '55
Daniel Becker '80
Americo Calarese '30
James Creedon '49
Lucy Crosbie '47
John Daddario '55
Malcolm Davis '57
John Dewey '45
Alan Driscoll '62
M. Gaddis '40
Robert Gottfried '70
William Green '74
Elmer Griswold '31
Walter Handelsman '77
William Hart '47
Peter Hexter '66
Rosemary Hradek '68
Gary Hunt '76
Jay Jenkins '77
Geoffrey Johnson '47
Jan Kokes  '64
Kevin Nolan '68
Mark Osowski '83
Priscilla Payne '26
Kenneth Pickering '62
Victor Pisini '47
Wendy Puriefoy '69
Robert Saywell '63
Harriet Simmons '40
Michael Smith '66
Deborah Taylor '76
Edward Wallace '75

Outstanding Young Alumnus/a

Awarded to a graduate of the last 15 years for significant public achievement in business, athletics, science, military service, government, education or the arts. 

Christopher Mala '00
Lee Power '92
Adam Rivest '97
James Runner '00

Distinguished Service

Awarded for outstanding service, loyalty and dedication to Dean College. 

Olga Abdallah '64
Priscilla Alden '33
Charles Austin '26
Florence Bailey 
Richard Berenson '24
Rachel Bloomfield '38
Eleanor Boden '38
George Boden '38
Joseph Brett '25
Rexford Bristol
George Brooker 
Throop Brown '31
Carl Bryant '10
Grace Buchanan '16
Edson Canova '39
Josephine Cawthra '18
Charles Ceppi '30
Anne Cochintu '23
J. Colbert '22
Ralph Connor '27
Joseph Cortese '81
William Crawford '31
James Creedon '49
Richard Crockford 
Santina Curran '36
Donna Cusson '80
Vivian Davis '25
Ann de Roode '56
Jerane DiCostanzo '52
Helen Donohue '66
Graham English '69
Edna Ewen '01
Jacob Fine '28
James Fox 
John Fulgoni 
Sidney Goldstein '47
Andrew Gomez '76
Janet Guidrey
Harriet Harris '31
Thomas Holden '29
Cynthia Horan '46
Minoru Horiuchi 
Elwood Horne '29
Marjorie Howe '30
Margaret Hubbard '24
John Jarvis '27
Richard Johnston '30
Augustus Jones 
Marguerite Jones '05
G. Keady '21
Maurice Kelley '12
Jan Kokes '64
Jana Lapoint '58
John Lapoint '56
Stewart Leach '36
Ralph Lewis '30
Esther Litchfield '31
Grant Longley 
Dona Mackintosh '47
George Malcolm-Smith '21
Eli Manchester 
Joseph Martin 
Laura McIntire '19
William McMahon '36
Harrison Morse '31
Thomas Olcott '61
Walter Palladino '61
Wendy Payton '70
Susan Pond '58
William Potterton 
Robert Prytula '61
William Ratigan '30
Marshall Ray '29
Howard Redpath '41
Richard Reiber '66
Constance Reid '48
Hallock Reynolds '31
John Robbins '48
Glen Robertson '45
Mark Robinson '75
Lee & Suzanne Saltzman (Parents of Zach Saltzman '13)
Harry Samoorian '36
Robert Saywell '63
Myron Schmidt 
P. Shaw 
Thomas Singarella '67
Joan Smith '48
G Stetson '23
Arthur Thibodeau '25
Euclide Tremblay '28
Roger Turner '76
Madeleine Wallace '30
Alice Ward 
Reid Wasserstrom  '64
Jeffrey Watkins '67
Mary White '29
Toshihiko Yamaguchi '22
Naomi Zeavin '51 

Certificate of Merit

Awarded for significant service and support of the Alumni Association. 

Donald Ballou '60
Harry Burr '67
David Cargill 
Gilbert Chase '62
Frederick Coe '35
Ella Cook '22
Mary Cortese '79
Thomas Ducey '78
Andrew Dunbar '67
Joy Evans '79
Arnold Greene '92
Tanya Hemenway '96
Glendon Horne '31
John Locke 
Grant Longley '61
Audrey Martin '63
Janice McHale '56
Dean Morgan '81
Claire Pate '75
Glen Robertson '45
Debra Roy '75
Thomas Roy '75
Joan Smith '48
Amy Beth St. Martin '92
Lauren Starr '75
Bruce Stevenson '54
Roger Turner '76
Nancy Whitman '66

Honorary Alumni Award

Awarded to persons who have not attended Dean College but have shown extraordinary devotion and support to the College and/or alumni programs. 

Louise Collito 
Janet Guidrey 
Richard Howland 
John Jackson 
Stella Jeon 
Cindy Kozil 
Charles Kramer 
Harry Kreshpane 
Ida Lamothe 
Dale Lippert 
John Locke 
Grant Longley 
Joan Mallard 
Louise Markarian 
Bertha Martin 
Joan Palladino 
William Potterton 
Helene Savicki 
Cynthia Shaw 
Karen Sykes 
Margaret Tulis 
Theodore Tye 
Betsy Woodacre 
Alan Woodrow 

Athletic Hall of Fame

It was with great pride that the Athletics Office and Alumni Association established an Athletic Hall of Fame in 1977 to honor men and women of Dean who have distinguished themselves in athletics. 

The Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of athletes not only while at Dean, but at four-year colleges and universities and, for many, at the professional level. They have brought honor not only to themselves and their families, but also to Dean College. 

Through the Athletic Hall of Fame program, Dean permanently acknowledges the outstanding achievements of those alumni whose athletic skill and keen sense of competition served as an inspiration for all who knew them and whose accomplishments will forever be recognized at Dean College.

2018 Inductees

1961 Men’s Soccer Team | NJCAA National Champions
Joseph A. Calzaretta ’78 | Football, Former Dean Football Coach
Tyson S. Drayton ’04 | Men’s Basketball
Kelly Kehr Levesque ’91 | Field Hockey, Softball
Megan M. Moore ’02 | Women’s Soccer, Softball
Krista L. Wotherspoon ’05 | Women’s Basketball, Softball

2015 Inductees

Rachel Ostrander Alger '95 | Softball
Kenneth J Andrade '62 | Football
Marc Bowman '83 | Football, Lacrosse
Daniel Damish '78 | Tennis
Katie Drift '03 | Softball, Volleyball 
Lisa M. Dummeyer '00 | Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
John P. Gormley '96 | Lacrosse
James “Jimmy” Hernandez, Jr. '05 | Soccer
John A. Jackson – Honorary | Athletic Director, Coach
John S. Morton, III '70 | Lacrosse
Joseph A. Occhiuti '59 | Football, Basketball
Brian T. Ryder '89 | Football
Kenneth J. Senisi '91 | Football, Lacrosse

Click Here to See Full List of Hall of Fame Members