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Prepare for a successful career with a major in business management from Dean College.

A business management degree will prepare you for some of today’s most flexible and high-powered careers. Whether you aspire to launch an entrepreneurial venture or join corporate America, a business management degree from Dean College provides the experience and knowledge you need to become a successful leader.

Program Overview

As a business management major at Dean College, you’ll gain valuable insights from business faculty in the Dean School of Business (DSB), who are consultants, business executives, and entrepreneurs. In small classes, you’ll study the building blocks of a successful business, from marketing and consulting to accounting and finance. 

Responding to industry demand for well-rounded, adaptable graduates, Dean College has developed a curriculum that centers on both the theoretical and practical facets of business. Every course has a practical application. The curriculum begins with a foundation in business as you gain an understanding of the industry. Learning then centers on core business functionalities while at the same time developing a students’ soft skills such as learning how to be a leader and solving problems, which are invaluable for any professional in today’s world. 

Additional components include subjects ranging from math, composition, literature and oral communication to strategic writing and entrepreneurship.  Beginning in year one, students will also have plenty of electives to provide flexibility to strengthen their existing business courses or to pursue additional topics of interest. 

Beyond the Classroom

From the time they arrive on campus, business students have ample opportunity to develop and practice their skills in real-life situations.  All business management students must complete at least one internship as a requirement for graduation and are encouraged to complete as many as possible. Internship opportunities are both on-campus and in the community. In addition, our students complete team consulting projects for local companies seeking viable solutions to real business challenges. 

Students who complete our business management degree program are prepared to transition into graduate school or start their career in a variety of business specialties from accounting, finance, management and human resources to analytics, marketing and advertising.  Our graduates can be found today working at corporations and small companies and as entrepreneurs leading their own businesses.  

Uniquely Dean

What makes our Business Management program best of breed? 

  • The opportunity to earn credits through one-week courses instructed by industry leaders such as Accenture, Dell and the Pawtucket Red Sox. 
  • S&P Global IQ available to all students and integrated in many courses.
  • Access to Leadership in Action presentations (at least 6 per year) given by industry professionals spanning Fortune 100 to start-up companies including Universal Studios, Citizens Bank and Zeptometrix. 
  • Attend the annual Dean Leadership Institute Executive Lecture.  Past speakers have included Robert Kraft, Bert Jacobs, Jonathan Kraft and senior executives from Microsoft and Nike. 
  • Serve as a management consultant for a local business creating actual strategies to increase sales and brand. 
  • Internships at venues like the New England Patriots, Five Wits, Patriot Place, Walt Disney World and the Washington Center.
  • Study abroad in China, Italy, Greece, Ireland, England, France, Spain or beyond. 
  • Primary engagement with The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management
  • Selected students participate in the International Accreditation Council for Business Education's Regional Conference where they are presented a case and challenged to develop an analysis and suggest potential solutions against other teams. 


  • Bachelor's Degree*
  • Associate Degree 

*The course listing below is based on the Bachelor's Degree program.

Business Management Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
BUS 235 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 325 Principles of Finance and Budgeting 3
BUS 337 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 341 Data Analysis and Decision Making 3
BUS 346 Negotiations 3
BUS 405 Leading the Organization 3
BUS 495 Business Policy and Strategic Management 3
ACCT 103 Financial Accounting 3
ECO 150 Principles of Economics 3
DCA 100 Campus Connections: Making the Transition 1
DCA 110 Career Connections: Developing Your Brand 1
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan 1
DCA 300 The Internship Experience 3
DCA EXPERIENCE ELE Dean Career Advantage Experience Courses 6
DCA 350 Future Connections: Launching Your Career 3
BUS 123 Foundations of Business 3
BUS 230 Principles of Management 3
BUS 240 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 321 Entrepeneurship 3
BUS 344 Operations Management 3
ACCT 200 Managerial Accounting 3
Total Credits 60

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 111 Composition l 3
ENG 112 Composition ll 3
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3
BUS 150 Personal Finance 3
LAB SCIENCE ELECTIVE Core Lab Science Elective 4
ARTS ELECTIVE Core Distribution Arts Elective 3
NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATH ELECTIVE Core Distribution Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective 3
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Humanities Elective 3
PSY 111 OR SOC 113 General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology 3
COM 327 Applied Professional Communication 3
SOC 355 Consumer Culture 3
UDLA ELE Upper-Division Liberal Arts Electives 6
Total Credits 40

Course Number Course Title Credits
ELE Electives 21
Total Credits 21

* Subject to change
** Based on the Dean College Academic Catalog 2019-20